Saturday, 20 April 2013

Touch your lover over the internet, thanks to this technology

Last week, it was a group of Chinese teenagers who developed a coat that makes you like your lover hugged you. Yesterday, a team of Canadian Engineers developed a dress that change their colour and shape and a shirt that can charge your cell phone. This week, a bra and electric pants that makes you feel like your spouse is touching you, even in long distance have been developed by a team of professionals, Durex Australia.

Fundawear as they calls it, works with smartphones. there are five actuators, a device that makes a cell phone to vibrate, placed in them and set of buttons on the smartphones app. When launched online, these devices sense your touch and not less than a second, send it to your lover. It makes you to feel like he/she is touching you.
One question, will they make any buzz?
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