Friday, 5 July 2013

Snowden trained as hacker while with National Security Agency

More details about the mysterious past of
Edward Snowden, the former contractor for the
National Security Agency who leaked details
about the agency's surveillance program, are
starting to emerge. Snowden, who is reportedly currently holed up in
an airport in Moscow, was taught all he needed
to know about hacking while he was working for
the NSA, according to The New York Times. And those are the very
skills that he would have
needed in order to snoop into the records that he
accessed. His resume, which hasn't been made public but
was described to the Times by people who have
seen it, touted his training in a course for
"certified ethical hackers ." A certified ethical hacker is a
professional certification handed out
by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council)
for those who are trained to detect vulnerabilities in organizations'
systems using the same knowledge and tools as
a hacker. These details reveal just the sort of skills that
the NSA is desperate for when it comes to new
recruits -- but they're also the very skills that put
it at risk. "If he's looking inside U.S. government networks
for foreign intrusions, he might have very broad
access," James A. Lewis, a computer security
expert at the Center for Strategic and
International Studies, told the Times. "The
hacker got into the storeroom." Snowden has said he took a job as an
infrastructure analyst with Booz Allen Hamilton in
order to gather evidence on the NSA's
surveillance program. He prepared his resume
touting his hacking skills shortly before applying
for that job, while he was working for the NSA with Dell, according to
the Times.
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