Saturday, 21 September 2013

Get paid $800 to wait online for an iPhone ?

The iPhone 5S and 5C has finally arrived  . But the big money making question is how much people are getting paid  literally just to wear Apple T-shirt and stand in line to buy the latest iPhone models. Did you even know that  was a business? it is a whole new cottage industry popping up worth big bucks. You won't believe what is going on.

So here with all the details of this money-making Phenomenon is
, Tech analyst Rob Enderle

Rob says you can make money $800 towards the front of the line and willing to wear some brand T-shirt. They will pay you $800 bucks and cameras will come by to show the lines...and it's incredibly inexpensive advertising: you get TV time, either local or international.... and the advertiser is only out for $800 bucks per person as opposed to to thousands of dollars you typically gonna pay for an ad.

Is this shirt worth anything? because I don't see what they say.

Rob says I don't think so..but as long as the advertiser pays for people to wear the shirt, off they go.And they are making a good deal of money through this.

Yeah, but some says ''SYM, sell your mac''. But I want to ask, what does that mean?

Check out some of the ways to make money standing in line for somewhere else.
TaskRabbit is a company that works on this. They received 350 request from New York and San Francisco from people who wants someone else to stand in line for them, and they are willing to pay $14/hour

The best way to make money by virtue of standing in line is to flip the phones you actually buy. If you look at eBay, there was a 64GB people were bidding on from somebody who is standing in line, It was up over $1500..that's a huge business right?

So how much money can you make flipping the phone that you stand in line for?
Rob says yeah, though there is a risk here because you could be one of folks left standing, And there is no sure that your phone.  So, whatever that particular wave is, it is probably going to be over hours, maximum single digit day. If you wait for long, you probably not sell it for what you bought it for.

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