Wednesday, 16 October 2013

US first Lady Michelle Obama and other prominent Americans confidential information exposed by Hackers

Confidential information about US first Lady Michelle Obama and some other famous Americans have been exposed by Hackers, from networks which pride themselves as firms for just private data.
The ID details of US First Lady Michelle Obama and many other famous people were exposed by the hack attack.Journalist Brian Krebs tracked the information back to hackers who ran an online market for confidential data.He found they got their data by compromising computers sitting on the data brokers' corporate networks.

The findings were revealed by Security Researcher Brian Krebs, who, after seven moths of investigating how the website, which has been closed down, received and published confidential information about America prominent people like Singer Beyonce Knowles and husband JayZ, Aston Kutcher, Bill Gates and first Lady Michelle Obama. The hackers published social security numbers, birth records and other information on it website.

Looking further into SSNDOB, it was revealed the private information being bought have a direct communications with internal systems several America data broker firms . The attack had come from compromise computers of these firms: LexisNexis, Dun and Bradstreet and Kroll were all revealed by Krebs.
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